Questions regarding Agricole Oil’s service

Why don’t you offer a price over the ‘net’?

Agricole Oil wished to provide a personal service where we get to know our customers and can discuss their finer requirements. Customers have said they like ringing one number, and talking to a real person that knows them. Buy best elk hunting backpack. Make your hunt more comfortable.

Why doesn’t Agricole Oil deal with all suppliers?

Some do not like the fact we are independent and keep prices low. Other Agricole does not wish to trade through, due to bad past experiences and customer relation issues. Agricole trades via suppliers that offer a competitive price and importantly high customer service. Price is not everything. Only here you can buy the suction cup dildos. Manage to pick up at a bargain price.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a long-term contract with just one supplier?

 No.  Even though suppliers supposedly give discounts in exchange for long-term contracts, their daily ‘spot’ prices are generally even cheaper, so it pays to shop around between suppliers every time you place an order. Agricole does this for you.

Can there be a system where the supplier estimates when my tank is running down, and automatically fills me up without my even having to ask?

Tying yourself to one supplier is not the cheapest option. You CAN specify a preferred delivery date/ top up regime and Agricole will incorporate that into delivery schedules. The best discounts are available via the ‘1st of the month bulk-buying groups’.

How many members are needed before we get the volume discount?

None.  The whole point of using Agricole is that all customers’ orders will be bundled together so all get the volume discount, either on a daily basis, ‘mini-bulk’ or monthly via the ‘1st of the month bulk-buying groups’.


Questions regarding heating oil products

Can you get me a new tank?

No but Agricole Oil can supply you with the names of tank installers in your area. Please click the ‘Boiler Services’ page to request an installer near to you.

Do you service oil fired boilers or AGA type cookers?

No but Agricole Oil can supply you with the names of boiler service engineers in your area. Please use the ‘Boiler Services’ page to request an installer near to you.

What other fuels do you supply?

Yes we do, Gas Oil, DERV or Petrol. Our suppliers can deliver all grades of fuel.


Questions regarding payments for oil

Do the drivers accept cheques or cash?

Some suppliers do, but most do not, due to insurance and security constraints. Most only accept payment by debit or credit card. This avoids the suppliers’ risk of non-payments, so allowing lower oil prices.

Can I pay on a monthly Direct debit / Standing Order?

The individual suppliers do offer this service but as Agricole Oil uses a panel of suppliers it is unlikely that you will have a delivery from the same suppler every time, making this impracticable. It is also usually an expensive way of buying oil.

Will I be refunded/charged extra on my card if there is a difference between the quantity ordered and actually delivered?

Yes. This is a routine and automatic part of the suppliers’ internal payment process. Contact Agricole Oil though if it does not happen to your satisfaction.


Questions regarding the ordering of heating oil

What is the smallest amount of oil I can order?

500 litres = approx 100 gallons. However, this is the most expensive way of ordering oil.

What are the levels that the oil becomes cheaper?

The pence per litre price for your fuel reduces as you order a larger quantity. There is a reduction in price at 700 l, another at 1500 l.

How much oil should you order?

500 litres is the minimum order. 1,000 – 1,500 litres is the most common domestic order size. Slight over and under deliveries are tolerated at the contracted price, as it is sometimes difficult to estimate. A ‘small delivery fee’, may be charged if there is a big difference between ordered and delivered quantity.

Does Agricole Oil offer a top up / ‘to fill’ delivery?

Yes. We can arrange a top-up service, so long as you let us know approximately how much, 500 l minimum. To fill orders are OK too, just make sure you know how big your tank is though.

What about cancelling or changing the order?

This is possible but cancellations or changes within 24 hours of the delivery, especially if the vehicle is already en route, may incur an administration fee of approx £40.

What is the VAT rate on domestic heating Oil?

Domestic heating oil customers only pay 5% VAT.


Questions regarding the delivery of Oil

Where does Agricole Oil deliver?

Agricole Oil delivers to East Anglia and the Midland at present. We aim to expand nationwide over time, so do ask the question if you are outside this region.

Can my delivery take place if I am out?

Not necessarily. Many fuel deliveries can be delivered unattended, so long as there are no Health and Safety issues, locked gates or tanks or fierce dogs! A metered ticket will be left by the tanker driver detailing the quantity delivered.

Is access through my property OK?

Due to health & safety and insurance reasons suppliers cannot make deliveries through properties. Those not connected to the house, ie a separate garage, is usually OK. It is always best to liaise with the individual supplier at time of ordering.

I need a small tanker as access a problem, is that possible?

Yes. If you require a small vehicle to make your fuel delivery, let us know when you place your order.

What do I do if I have run out of oil?

Firstly get a delivery ASAP, then try to start the boiler again. (Always follow the manufacturers instructions). If that fails you may have an air lock, in which case it is best to call a heating engineer.

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