Mrs. S.B , Arrington Feb 14
Big thanks for organising my oil in my time of need! What would I do without you? Must get organised and get into the bulk next month. Buy best elk hunting backpack. Make your hunt more comfortable.
Mr. P.K. Ely  Feb 14

Dear Anna

Just to let you know our oil arrived yesterday  early evening, thank you for all your help. Only here you can buy the suction cup dildos. Manage to pick up at a bargain price.

Yours sincerely


Mr. B.S. Hobbs syndicate  Feb 14
Hi Anna,
Thank you very much for the swift reaction by Agricole to my request for emergency oil delivery to Mr. R, Horringer today. The oil was delivered this afternoon as promised and Mr R. is very grateful.
Please pass on my thanks to Jeremy.
Mrs J. B., Chrishall 28 March 13
Just to say we have oil, we have heating and all is well. Thank you so much for all your advice and support!
Mr. D.S., Waresley  25 March 13
Hi Anna,
Just a quick “thank you” for sorting out the delivery – which came today :-)   I nearly had to fork out for a new fur coat for my ‘other half’!
Mrs S. B., Arrington  22nd Feb 13
Anna, you’re a star! I don’t know whether to laugh hysterically, cry, or turn to drink!
Mr L. P., Papworth Everard, Cambs  2nd Oct 12
Agricole Oil gave me a fast, efficient, friendly service and extremely good value for money, I will be recommending them to all my family and friends. 
Mrs. M.B., Horringer, Suffolk  23rd August 2012
Thank you for sorting out the bill for oil.  I struggle a bit with coping with the computer method of dealing with my affairs, and your help was specially appreciated.  I am trying!! 
Dr. C.C., Bourn, Cambs  1st June 2012
Hi Anna
Certainly very organized and a great service
The oil arrived today and I will pay on receipt of their invoice
many thanks for your part.
Mr M.B., Teme Valley, Glous  1st June 2012
Dear Jeremy
The oil delivery has just been made, what an amazing process. You have made it very simple!

Thank you.


Mr. M.T., Caxton   7th March ’12
Thank you so much for arranging this emergency delivery which is due tomorrow.

Mrs. S.M. Thriplow, Herts 15th Feb ’12

Thanks so much for coming to the rescue. You are a godsend.  Please go ahead and put us down for 500 l.

Many thanks

Mr. M.C., Red Lodge, Suffolk Feb 9th ’12

I wanted to thank you for your help yesterday.  The supplier you found came out the same day!  I was also impressed with the price you were able to get for me.  I will be going through you in the future.

Mr. M.C, Red Lodge, Suffolk Feb 9th ’12

I wanted to thank you for your help yesterday.  The supplier you found came out the same day!  I was also impressed with the price you were able to get for me.  I will be going through you in the future.


Mrs N.G., Elsworth, Cambs 8th Feb 12

I am writing to thank you for your speedy and efficient delivery of oil to us last month. We ran out of oil on the Friday just as the weather reports were predicting a freezing cold weekend ahead. Our oil metre wasn’t working so we didn’t know that our oil was low until it was too late. I phoned agricole first thing who immediately phoned the suppliers and we had some oil delivered that afternoon. I was so impressed with your service and very grateful as well.


Mrs. K. B., Sutton, Cambs  1st Feb ’12
Many thanks for your help yesterday – my arthritis was really playing up after another cold night. Lo and behold! When I got home from work this pm, tired and in pain, the oil had been delivered !!!! Thank You, thank you!
I also rang the oil company to say ‘thank you’.
Your servce was exceptional!!

Mr P. H., Everton, Beds  Jan ’12

My oil was delivered on Friday as promised.
The whole transaction and service I received was excellent.
Please pass on my thanks.


Mrs A.T, Horningsea, Cambs – Jan 12

I would just like to say what an excellent service your company provided when I was in urgent need of heating oil after Christmas.  Not only did you save me several pence per litre in comparison to my usual supplier but I had delivery of the order the very next morning.  My regular supplier had given me a four day waiting period before they could deliver.  I found the shopping experience courteous, helpful and willing to please. How much nicer the rest of my day was.  Thank you.


J. P., Towcester

Our order for an oil delivery on the 29th December was duly made as requested.

Please accept our sincere thanks and pass them on to the supplier who made the delivery.  We returned home with some trepidation wondering if we had received a delivery or not having never used your services before so you can imagine our delight to find everything as ordered.

We shall certainly use you again in the future and recommend you to others.


Mrs. B.S, Balsham, Cambs

Just to let you know I think your company has delivered excellent service, along with the oil!
Kerry, in the office, is very polite and efficient.

Well done all!


Mrs J.B, Longstowe

Can we order 1000l for your end of month bulk buying pool.

Many thanks, especially for all your help with Mrs. L’s order (oil arrived today).


Mr. M.C, Eltisley, Cambs

I was very satisfied with the price for domestic heating oil that Anna obtained for me. She was most helpful and it was a pleasure talking to her.

Mr. J.H, Elsworth, Cambs

I have had a terrific personal service from Agricole for around five years. I now get my heating oil as part of a regular local bulk order and get even greater savings. This also means less delivery miles, which has to be a good thing for the supplier, the consumer and the environment.I even get a handy reminder to check my tank in order to get the best bulk order price.

Mr. G. J, Bourn, Cambs

On occasions we all get caught out when we forget the obvious. In my case not checking the oil level meant that our heating stopped late one night with a cold snap predicted for the coming week. So I fired off an e-mail to Agricole just before midnight. Agricole confirmed receipt of the order next morning,  and on returning from work the next day, I was very pleased to find that a delivery  had been made and the heating back on. An excellent service, thanks.

Mrs. S. M, Ickleton, Cambs

Charming gentleman delivered 1610 litres of oil this morning – great service, delighted to have found Agricole. With many thanks.

Mr. S. P, Whaddon, Herts

Our oil was delivered yesterday. You asked for feedback on the company. They were on time, good communications, no problem at all. V pleased. Thank you again. We will order via you in future.

Mr. M. R, Kingston, Cambs

I think your service is excellent with big business price savings for the small scale customer run efficiently at a personal level.

Mr. R.G, Horringer, Bury St Eds, Suffolk

The process of ordering and delivery was seamless.
Very efficient. It would have been a 5 star rating if the information to that an extra long hose was required to reach the oil tank had been passed onto the driver. However the driver persevered and with a few manoeuvres the delivery was made on the first attempt. The delivery matched the order. It was delivered promptly and the price was as agreed – competitive.

Mr. R.S, Barton, Cambs

Agricole Ltd. provide a brilliant service for the residents of Barton, Cambridgeshire. Quick and efficient, they obtain the best price available for domestic fuel oil, and have a good working relationship with their chosen suppliers.Highly recommended.

Mrs. G.B., Beds

Agricole provide an excellent service. My oil continues to come from my old supplier , but at a cheaper price. They were very helpful to my 87 year old handicapped neighbour who found himself without oil in the depths of winter. Although they had never supplied him before , they got him a delivery immediately when his usual company were unable to help. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Mrs. T.C, Bourn, Cambs

I have  found Agricole to be an excellent company for ordering my domestic oil supply.

Quick response to orders placed and very competitive price.
I would recommend them highly.

Mr. G, Ely, Cambs

Outstanding company. Jeremy and his team are second to none. I use Agricole exclusively. Heating oil when I need it at a great price with no hassle, no haggle and no delays. The group buy discounts and prompt service can’t be beat. Thanks Agricole!

Sara, Cambridge

I have used Agricole for the last 18 months, having come into a rented house as a single mum and an “oil virgin”. They have really helped and been sympathetic to my steep learning curve, as well as finding the best prices around.

Mrs. J.C, Bourn, Cambs

We have always found this company provides a fast effiecient service. The recently introduced monthly bulk-buying scheme also means they can find very competative prices; a serious consideration in this financial climate. Would thoroughly recommend.

Mr. B. S, Horringer, Bury St Eds, Suffolk

I am a member if the Horringer Oil Buying Syndicate and this was the first time that I had used the system and the first time that I had had any contact with Agricole. Their communicatios were first class and very clear. They answered queries very swifly and most importantly of all they saved me money!!

Rufus, St Neots, Cambs

Very easy to use service, always fantastic prices, friendly and reliable.
I have used this company for a few years now. Would highly recommend.

Mrs. S. H, Elsworth, Cambs

A great company to deal with. Their service is speedy, efficient and polite plus their prices compare really well. I keep coming back every time my tank is empty!

Mr. S. P, Whaddon, Cambs
They were on time, good communications, no problem at all. V pleased. Thank you again. We will order via you in future.

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